Greenhouse Irrigation Design
  Jasmic has a division for greenhouse irrigation supplies and system design services. We offer products such as drip irrigation, mist systems, sprinkler irrigation, drain-water re-circulation, fertilizer/acid injection systems, and irrigation controllers. Jasmic has a large network of leading domestic and European suppliers and manufactures with the latest technology.

Jasmic designs complete growing solutions, custom tailored to the grower's specific needs and parameters. A trained irrigation engineer will design a uniform distribution system for the grower's application. We offer a complete package, which includes the list of components, related drawings, technical support, and after sales service. We have the expertise in the horticultural industry to provide the grower with a completely compatible irrigation system for greenhouse, nursery, and field applications.

How our system design services work:
  1. Upon request, we send the grower a standard information form to complete, which we use to establish the parameters of the irrigation system.
  2. We ask for blue prints, or a rough drawing of the greenhouse or growing area, and the location of the water source.
  3. Our engineering department calculates the flow of the system to determine how to best manage the irrigation economically with the available water source.
  4. The system components are chosen, customized to the system flow, the customer's needs, and the desired extent of automation.
  5. We calculate the system's pressure losses and size all of the components accordingly, including the plumbing and supply lines to minimize pressure losses. We work to supply a uniformity of flow of 95% or better to insure each plant receives the same amount of water.
  6. Jasmic will supply drawings of the layout, if requested, upon purchase of the system.

    Please Note: Any charge for design services will be credited toward the purchase of the irrigation system.